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The Album If Your Ignore The Truth rises to #2 World Wide

The Blues charts on Live 365:
That’s How I Get goes to #1
Johnny #1
Feel Like Feeling Again #3
That’s How I Get #5
Joyful Blues #8
Sometimes It Comes Upon Me #11
2007-2008 charts
Living in the Twilight goes to #4
Laugherman #7
Feel Like Feeling Again #11
That’s How I Get #14
Sometimes it Comes Upon Me #15
Joyful blues #16

Americana Charts
Airplay Direct: Album If You Ignore the Truth #1

Choices, the right rhythm, chord structure, melody and lyric (whether be fact or fiction); you’ll have a song! SB Reeves has made plenty of these choices and now runs neck and neck with some of the best composers of our time.

Gary Mallaber | Who’s Who In Rock n’ Roll

This CD reminds me of Bob Dylan’s album “Blood on the Tracks.” But those of you partial to Eric Clapton blues or The Beatles’ White Album, will also find something inspiring. agrees, evidenced by it’s link to Bob Dylan.

L.D. Brown | Performers Studio, West Virginia

The Universe is full of music. Pythagoras discovered it first and called it “The Music of the Spheres”. We cannot hear it, since we are deaf to the frequencies it’s played at. Not all of us, though. Not Bass Reeves. Otherwise I cannot explain the origins of such a divine oeuvre like “If You Ignore the Truth”… I know Bass doesn’t talk much. I guess I know why – every time I play his album, it leaves me speechless for hours.

Paul Bondarovski, Midnight Special Blues Radio/Live365 Paris France

This CD is incredible. When I listen to That’s How I Get and the other songs too, I find myself smiling and shaking my head with my eyes closed like “DAMN this is good!” If you have a soul, this music is for you. I just love it, Bass. Absolutely splendid.

Maria Sebastian

When I listen to Bass play and hear what He is saying, my heart is taken on a journey. To me he has proven a powerful thing….that to be determined in your dream you can achieve anything. He set out to make this Album and I feel that this is just the beginning. His potential is limitless and like a wildflower in the wind his music will forever spread and grow.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

I work with the best Bands and Muscians in the world every day in my professional life. Bass and His Band belong with them all. But Bass as a writer belongs in that sparse catagory occupied by very few….Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Steve Earle, Ani Difranco…..make room!

Carol Calato, President, JD Calato Mfg. Makers of Regal Tip Drum Sticks

“Thanks for the Magical Music. New Mexico Loves You!”

Erica Viking, Coyote 102.5 in Albuquerque, NM

When i heard that guitar starting, i just laid back and relaxed. your voice is very classic sounding, talent like that is almost gone completely. believe me when i say that SB Reeves will go down as a legend! keep up the hard work and you will succeed!

Jango International Radio